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Jugband Blues is a Graphic Novel, freely based on the life and career of Roger Keith “Syd” Barrett. 180 pages long and fully illustrated in charcoal, pencil & tablet.

Published in Italy in May 2018 by NPE.


While accurate in some parts, Jugband Blues is not strictly biographical.

With a sparkling interior life, Syd Barrett‘s life lets a lot to be imagined.

Always poised between reality and a psychedelic fairy-tale, Jugband Blues aims to offer a different and original point of view in both a narrative and a visual way.

NEWS: Jugband Blues is a performance as well!

Thanks to Federico Sacchi (musicteller), Riccardo Mazza (Experimental Live set), Laura Pol (Immersive Videos) and Cristina Iurissevich (Narrative Videos).

Thanks to Circolo dei Lettori Torino and SeeYouSound 2017 which hosted us. Thanks to each one of you who came to see the performance!

Jugband Blues is a graphic trip set on the places of Syd Barrett’s life: Cambridge and London.  It has been imagined and drawn in black and white.

Jugband Blues is 160 pages long and took 4 years to complete.


I was born in the 80s in the bonfires of Friuli, Italy. A devote fan of Syd Barrett since I was 11, I’ve always had a passion for avant-garde arts and recognize S.B. as one of the truest spirits in recent music history.  I’m an illustrator & Graphic designer currently based in Turin.  I lived in the UK for two years: Jugband Blues was conceived during that time. Finally, 4 years later, the graphic novel is about to be completed. My website is

SIMONE PERAZZONE (scriptwriter)

I was born in Piemonte in 1987. After graduating in Philosophy, I obtained a Master degree in Writing for Children, through a dissertation about contemporary Italian Cartoon culture.

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