Ottobre 2017 – Sound Cross / Graphic Days – Toolbox, Torino

“Jugband Blues – An Experimental Performance on the Tracks of Syd” is a performance based on the Graphic Novel and produce by SeeYouSound, with Riccardo Mazza (Experimental Live set), Laura Pol (Immersive Videos), Cristina Iurissevich (Narrative Videos) and Matteo Regattin (voice and illustration).

Febbraio 2017 – SeeYouSound / Circolo dei lettori, Torino

Jugband Blues is a performance as well! Thanks to Federico Sacchi (musicteller), Riccardo Mazza (Experimental Live set), Laura Pol (Immersive Videos) and Cristina Iurissevich (Narrative Videos).

Ottobre 2016 – Syd Barrett, A Celebration – Corn Exchange, Cambridge

A short video with the draw of the graphic novel for the “Syd Barrett – A Celebration” at Cambridge Corn Exchange.